Align - You - Your Preferred Pharmacy

Everyone works together.

Align represents a truly collaborative approach to benefits management. We work with you, your employees and a pool of pharmacies to create a plan that makes sense for all of us.

Your Employees

Your employees will always be free to shop at the pharmacy of their choice. However, when they use your preferred pharmacy, they can reduce their out-of-pocket costs or receive added values such as rewards programs.


You define the best prescription benefit plan for your company, and we deliver a plan aligned perfectly with the goals you define — not the other way around. We handle all plan negotiations and administration making the program easy and simple to initiate. Best of all, you pay a simple flat fee for our services that is agreed upon in advance, so you won’t be blindsided by hidden costs.

Your Preferred Pharmacy

We negotiate openly with a pool of potential providers to identify a preferred pharmacy network that will support your plan goals. The pharmacies selected will always be the ones offering the best value for you and your employees. There are no hidden incentives to attract pharmacies. They partner with us because of the opportunity to achieve preferred status, which translates to increased customer traffic and increased market share.


We work with you to define plan goals that are best for your business and your employees. We negotiate openly on your behalf with a pool of pharmacies to find a provider whose offer best aligns with those goals. We design a plan that includes meaningful incentives to encourage your employees to become smarter healthcare consumers, making your prescription spend more cost-effective. And we tie our own success to your satisfaction, charging only a simple fee for services and not accepting hidden payments from pharmacies or drug companies.